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Edgar Allen Poe, Anne Rice, and Clive Barker have written some of the scariest stories of all time. Here are some famous Halloween tales and Urban legends designed to keep you up at night.

Somethin' Pumpkin
Review: Something' Pumpkin
Finally, a tribute to everyone's favorite Halloween symbol. Trick-or-treaters - big and small- will find it hard to resist this far out world of witches, robots, monsters, black cats and more. Loaded with wacky full-color paintings and spooky but friendly rhymes.

The Magic Hour
The ultimate Halloween story about identical twin little boys unfortunately seperated through the death of one but where the surviving twin not only discovers he can still hear his brother's voice but also discovers the ancient belief that all those who passed on during the previous year came back one last time to visit their loved ones on the night of October 31st.

Most plan to celebrate Halloween
Over half of America plans to participate in this year's fright night festivities.

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