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Halloween Top Candy Selections

Our tips on what Halloween candy will be asked for this year and the big question...what to do with the left over Halloween Candy?

Halloween is the number one holiday for candy sales. Sales will near 2.1 billion dollars this year! That is up almost 3 percent since last year and there is reason to believe this increase will continue. Candy corn seems to be the all around candy favorite as Americans are expected to purchase 20 million pounds of the corn shaped treat.

With 93% of our children hitting the pavement to trick or treat, here's what candy favorites will keep them happy:

Anything Sour...a hit this year are Too Tart's "mysteriously strange" UFOs, guaranteed to make you pucker! Another popular favorite is Stinky Feet, available in several different flavors.

Anything Gummy...In line with the hit movie, Spiderman gummies are sure to keep the kids happy. A wide variety of other gummy treats are also available resembling everything from bugs and worms to cell phones and watches.

Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans...Keeping the Harry Potter craze alive, these beans are straight from the book and offer the tempting flavors of spinach, broccoli, dirt, and grass.

Cotton Candy...Now you don't have to wait for the local county fair to devour the long-time beloved cotton candy. Cotton Candy Bits come in sealed little tubes full of different shaped cotton candy!

Rock, Scissors, Paper...A small plastic hand is filled with little balls of candy and also works as the ever-popular game! Push one button to form the hand into the scissors position, another to form the rock, and leave it flat to form the paper. Good eats and hours of fun with your friends!

Mini Candy Bars...Always a sure thing whether you offer Snickers, Milky Way, Almond Joy, or Butterfinger. Any candy bar mini will do Chocolate will always be a favorite!

Lollipops...With so many varieties out there, you can offer a wide selection of flavors and even some with a bubble gum or Tootsie roll center surprise!

Whatever you choose to offer, be sure to leave your door open or follow any other neighborhood guidelines to let Trick-or-Treaters know you've got goodies to share!

Have Left Over Candy?

Of course you have left over treak or treat candy and this is what you can do with it!

Of course we all know the easiest and least creative way is to simply throw it all away. Do you really want to regretfully waste all of that hard earned candy when you know you're headed directly to the store to buy more the next week? NO!

Freeze. First of all I would recommend that you freeze the candy. This will allow the candy to stay fresh and you may even find that you like cold chocolate, as I have!

Pull out the cook book. You will find that many recipes have candy in them like cookies, brownies, and et cetera. Get creative with all of the left over candy variations and find some of your favorite recipes!

Donate. Find out if your community has an opportunity to give your left over Halloween Candy to any local charity. Or drop off at a party, church, school, or even bring to work with you.

Have you figured out what to do with your extra Halloween Candy yet? I hope so and if not, try to limit how much time you spend trick-or-treating and play some halloween games instead!

Elesha Soldan

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