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Parents and Kids Dress Up As A Team

Halloween costume ideas for adults and kids to wear together

So you're going to escort the little ones to a Halloween party or a trick-or-treating route.

That doesn't mean you have to look like the dorky "normal" person tagging along behind all the colorfully costumed kiddies.

Instead, consider taking the opportunity to dress up with the kids. It's more fun, and for one day a year you can be just one of the kids' with your kids, even while you're giving them adult supervision.

Most any costume theme (ghosts, monsters, superheroes, cartoon characters, etc.) can be executed in both small and adult sizes. Many costume-supply shops even offer some of the same characters in both adult and kid versions.

But with a little ingenuity, you can come up with a costume theme that combines big and little characters in a team.

You could be the big, friendly alien robot from the movie The Iron Giant, and your child could be the boy the robot befriends. Or your kids could be the Powerpuff Girls, and you could be the kind Professor who gave them their superpowers. (A Professor costume can be made with a white lab coat, nerd glasses, and slick black hair.) Or they could be Power Rangers and you could be their arch-nemesis Rita Repulsa. You could be a ghost and your kids could be the Ghostbusters. Or you could be a queen bee and they could be buzzin' hive dwellers.

You can even reverse the roles, if you dare. You could be Robin and your child could be Batman; or you could be one of Scooby's human partners in sleuthing while your child dresses up like Scooby Doo!

Whatever your choice, be creative, let your inhibitions go, and be a part of your kid's Halloween, not just the out-of-place-looking authority symbol.


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