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Halloween Ideas

Costume Guide
Movie , Cartoon,  and T.V. characters are becoming more popular than ever.

Unique Ghoulish Party Ideas
Avoid the standard Halloween party and try some new themes.

BuyCostumes Halloween Community
Get expert advice, discuss products, plan a party and earn rewards just for participating.

Your Child's Halloween Scrapbook
This Halloween, give your child a fun project that will make them enjoy the season even more. Let them create their very own Halloween scrapbook. 

Easy Ways to Create Your Own Haunted Attraction
Don't wait! Start planning your very own haunted attraction today, and bring it to life to thrive this Halloween season! 

5 Great Ideas For Children's Halloween Party Games
You don't have to reinvent the wheel when you plan on having a Halloween Party with kids. There are many popular games that can be modified to fit into any Halloween event.

Our Focus is on Kids This Year!
Find out everything you need to know this Halloween regarding kids costumes, safety and much more. Please don't have Halloween without it!

Halloween Masks and Props
BAZAR is the place to get all of your specialty props and masks for Halloween


Best of the best Halloween Costumes
Employees of the leading costume retailer, BuyCostumes.com, pick their five favorite Halloween costumes:
1. Episode III Star Wars Darth Vader
2. Woodland Fairy from the Elite Adult Collection
3. Wizard of Oz Dorothy Deluxe
4. Superman Pet Costume

EverythingHalloween.com's TOP TEN
Top Ten Lists you can't find anywhere else!

BuyCostumes.com top apparel retailer for first 2 weeks in October
BuyCostumes.com beats Victoria Secret, Gap.com and others as most visited apparel website according to HitWise.

Pirate Party Theme
Has your child recently turned into a real scallywag after watching the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Well this Halloween, let his or her sea-faring dreams come alive by taking part on a real pirating adventure. Throw a Pirate's Halloween Party for your child to hunt for buried treasure and sail the open seas of your backyard.

A Wizards' Halloween Party
Has your child recently transfigured into a witch or wizard? If so, now is the perfect time of year to bring his or her fantasies to life. You can transform your home into an enchanted castle by throwing a truly magical celebration: a Wizard's Halloween party.

ASPCA's TOP 10 Safety Tips For PET Parents
Attention, companion animal caretakers!

Throwing A Halloween Party On A Limited Budget
Most of the time, we find ourselves pinching pennies to get by another week. However, when it comes to a party, you really want your kids to enjoy themselves.

A Look at Friday the 13th of October
October 13th, 2006... the spookiest day happened in October!!

Halloween-Themed Plays Sweep the Stage!
Halloween-themed plays and productions are coming out soon. Check out the "must see" plays for this year!

Creating Halloween Invitations on Your Computer
This year, make Halloween invitations right on your computer! 

Most plan to celebrate Halloween
Over half of America plans to participate in this year's fright night festivities.

Scented Candles
Something spooky is stirring at Sierra Mountain Candle Company. These scents are sure to keep your dungeon warm this Halloween!

Halloween Top Candy Selections
With 93% of our children hitting the pavement to trick or treat, here's what candy favorites will keep them happy

Where Does Halloween Come From?
It takes some historical digging to come up with why we celebrate Halloween

Toy Safety
Guidelines to follow when picking the perfect Halloween gift for the right age

Eight Horror Videos To Watch Together
A few recommendations that all age groups can enjoy together.

Parents and Kids Dress Up As A Team
Halloween costume ideas for adults and kids to wear together

13 Halloween tips for little ghosts and goblins
Make sure your kids have a safe holiday.

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